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Buying Seed
Buying Seed

Provenance based seed is sold to landholders, nurseries, and to supply orders for local revegetation projects funded by - Melbourne Water, Gippsland Landcare, or Greening Australia. 

Seed can be sold in single species or in appropriate mixes to suit a particular site. The Seedbank can inspect and advise on the most appropriate species mix for your site. 

Direct Seeding 

Direct Seeding can be a cost effective and labour saving method of establishing shelterbelts. The use of local seed maximises the chance of success by ensuring plants are fully adapted to soil and climatic conditions. 
As can be seen on the photo on the top right, the result produces a more dense and natural looking effect. It is important to plan ahead, and book seed before the next collecting season.  

Direct Seeded Shelterbelt after 3 years growth
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(List updated May 22, 2018) 
Packaged seeds - dried, cleaned, ready for labelling and storage