West Gippsland Seedbank Association Inc. Warragul
ABN: 70 067 057 631

Our Beginnings
Members of Landcare groups in West Gippsland joined forces in 2007 to set up a new non-profit, Community Seedbank.

The importance of maintaining the diversity of indigenous species was recognised, and the Seedbank was set up to supply a provenance based seed supply for revegetation projects.

All seed is ethically collected then cleaned and stored using best practice protocols. Along with careful data management, we ensure a supply of high quality, provenance based seed, which is genetically diverse.  

Our Seedbank specialists visiting a landowner's property
to identify species for future collection. 

Acacia mucronata 
Goodenia ovata
Acacia myrtifolia 
The plant photos you see on our website are merely a few of the many indigenous species the Seedbank collect