About the Seedbank

West Gippsland Seedbank is a not-for-profit organisation established to collect and supply local-provenance indigenous seed, and advocate for its use in revegetation projects.

We operate out of the Baw Baw Shire Depot in Warragul, where our seed is stored in temperature-controlled conditions, before being made available for sale. The Seedbank is run entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers value the opportunity to meet, learn, and socialise with like-minded individuals – find out how you could join us.

The Seedbank was formed in 2007 to address the lack of local-provenance seed available for purchase in the area. Encouraged by Landcare groups who recognised the benefits of planting seeds sourced locally, the West Gippsland Seedbank was formed. (Read more about the Seedbank’s history and growth.)

The West Gippsland Seedbank has become a trusted source of seed for local land owners, nurseries and public revegetation projects. We are affiliated with Landcare Victoria.

Seedbank volunteers

Aims of the Seedbank

To collect, store and supply local-provenance indigenous seed in West Gippsland

We collect indigenous seed from public reserves and private land, with the support and permission of local authorities and land owners.

We follow ethical standards while collecting seed, to preserve environments, plants and habitats. We clean and store the seed according to best practice protocols, and when the seed is ready for planting, we make it available for purchase.

To advocate for the use of indigenous seed in local revegetation projects

We share with the community our knowledge of indigenous seed and its value to West Gippsland. We provide advice and referrals to land owners and local authorities, to assist them in planning revegetation projects.

Our volunteers gain the skills and knowledge to collect and store indigenous seed, through on-the-job learning, Landcare workshops and site visits.

Successful projects using our seed

West Gippsland Seedbank has been pleased to supply seed for major planting projects in our region. Below are some projects which have benefitted from the use of our local-provenance seed. We thank the local nurseries, schools and community groups who contribute to propagating seed and planting these sites.

Neerim South Wetlands

Access to local, indigenous seed was vital to establishing the Wetlands in Neerim South. In 2017, West Gippsland Seedbank provided some of the seed for planting at the Wetlands. With a diverse range of indigenous species, the Wetlands continue to thrive today.

Linear Park, Warragul

West Gippsland Seedbank supplied seed for the planting of several hectares of parkland in Warragul’s Linear Park. Featuring a range of indigenous grasses as well as bushes and trees, we’re proud to assist Baw Baw Shire Council in creating areas to benefit the community and the environment.

Buln Buln Wetlands

In 2021, West Gippsland Seedbank was pleased to support the Baw Baw Shire Council in further development of the valued Buln Buln Wetlands. With the help of a local nursery and the Warragul Specialist School, our seed resulted in the planting of 600 seedlings of indigenous shrubs and grasses at the Wetlands.

Shelter belts

Our seed has been used for numerous agricultural shelterbelts in West Gippsland. Land owners have confidence that our seed is well suited to the region, as we only supply local-provenance seed.

New housing developments

Since the establishment of West Gippsland Seedbank, Baw Baw Shire Council has introduced requirements for the planting of local species in new housing developments. Our seed has been used in developments including the Chesterfield Park Estate, the Emberwood Estate and the Waterford Rise Estate in Warragul.

Neerim South Wetlands

Neerim South Wetlands

Neerim South Wetlands

The Association

We are an incorporated association, with a small but dedicated membership made up of our volunteers.

By becoming members, our volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to the association’s management and future. A $5 annual membership fee applies to help us cover running and insurance costs.

2023 Office Bearers

President:  Lorraine Hobgen
Secretary:  Joyce Barker
Treasurer:  Wendy Henderson

Volunteering at the Seedbank is a rewarding experience. We welcome new members to help our Seedbank thrive.